Cold Weather, Warm Smiles

I grew up near St. Paul, Minnesota. After 18 years of cold and snow, I headed south where I have been ever since. Now I know that the south is not immune to cold temperatures, however, we have been spoiled this winter with unusually warm weather. This weekend, winter reared it’s ugly head with unusually cold temps.

As we prepared for the Worship Service at our new site, Lee-Scott Academy, temperatures were still in the 30′s. But that didn’t seem to bother our most wonderful volunteers! Armed with warm smiles and gloved hands, they were prepared to greet our guests as if it were in the 60′s. I might also mention that at the same time, volunteers at our Hamilton Road site were also braving the elements to welcome our guests there and show them the way to the coffee pots. I am so thankful every Sunday for the dedication of Cornerstone volunteers, no matter what the weather!

Hopefully next week will be a little warmer. But if not, bring it on! We’re ready!


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