Electric in the Air!

    One of our favorite family movies to watch is “Kicking and Screaming” with Will Farrell as a soccer coach. In the above scene in this movie, Farrell is trying to get his youngsters excited about soccer, and one of the boys yells, “Electric in the air!” My kids find that especially funny.

    Well, this afternoon the Guest Services Team leaders of Cornerstone Church had a meeting to discuss our strategy for recruiting volunteers for both our current site and our new site (yet to be determined). This meeting of dedicated servants was led by Jack Fisher, our fearless Administrator. I think I speak for Jack also when I say how excited I was leaving that meeting with a sense of mission and direction these folks want to go. Our meeting truly was “Electric in the air!” We’ve got some stuff in the works you’ll be hearing about in the next few weeks. But please know that it’s not too soon to get involved. Even if you think you may want to serve at the new site, we’d love for you to go ahead and begin serving in that capacity at the current site. So if you want to be a part of this adventure, contact the following people:

    Cafe – Emile Ewing – emile@cornerstonebuzz.org

    Kitchen – Ken Atkins – ken@cornerstonebuzz.org

    Children’s Check-in – Merit Sims – merit@cornerstonebuzz.org

    Greeters and Information Desk – julia@cornerstonebuzz.org

    Parking Lot – Andy Vaughn – andy@cornerstonebuzz.org

    Recovery Team/Ushers – Steffani Bryant – steffani@cornerstonebuzz.org

    And for more information on the above volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer Opportunities.

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